Saturday, October 22, 2016


        Three Live Performances
Sunday Oct 30 Sonora Bach Festival
 12:30-2:30 Mt. Calvery church, Sugarpine, CA
Details Sandra Betti

Saturday Nov 5thUphill Winery
November 5th, 3:00 p.m. 14196 Old Hwy 49. Amador City, CA
     Walking in Beauty * series with Rose Borunda (Native American flute) and Lilian Borunda, graduate of Berklee College of Music  (Vocals, Guitar & percussion).

Saturday Nov 19th 4:00 pm Wine Tree Farm
 Walking in Beauty * series with Rose Borunda (Native American flute) and Lilian Borunda, graduate of Berklee College of Music  (Vocals, Guitar & percussion), Robert Monteleone (Keyboard), Shari Anderson, Vocals and Flute.   No Host Wine Bar 
Limited Seating. Call 209-245- 3141 or email

Friday, September 9, 2016

Chip Lusby 77th Music festival Sept 16-18 Sutter Creek

'Chip Lusby, also known as Sutter Chip lived in Covina CA near Mt. San Antonio college where he taught Electronics.  Being attracted to Sutter Creek in 1978, but not able to find a house that fit his vision Chip decided he would move his 3000 square Victorian house from Azusa CA to his property in Sutter Creek.  The walls were dismantled and trucked to location and Chip spent weekends and holidays assembling his new home and guest house.   

Being an amateur pianist (and the director of a jug band) Chip soon became active in the annual Sutter Creek ragtime festival.  Three pianos grace his living and dining room.  Guests find lodging at his house at festival time and performers returned to give house concerts at “The Ragtime Inn”.  Chip welcomed musicians that played styles other than ragtime referring to the venue as “Skunk Hollow Victorian Gardens”.  For each event Chip orders a case of wine with the performers represented on a nicely designed custom label to supplement a wide variety of refreshments.   An unselfish facilitator, Chip passes all contributions at his events to the musicians. 

Chip plays a large role in expanding community trust and good will.  Before each of the six “Flowers from Ashes” benefits for Butte fire victims he was building stages, moving tables and chairs and putting up direction signs.  Then, after a shower he would return early to take tickets or pour wine.  After the show he would be there with his pickup, lightening the load of labor and sharing the joy of success.  
This is a rare community opportunity to hear music of all styles, and to honor Chip for providing this community model with music at the center. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

butte fire benefits

                   Good news for fire survivors;  A generous Amador contributes thousands
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                                                                        Video, Mathew Fish

Saturday March 26th marks the fourth performance of the wildflowers from ashes concert series.  The 6:30 PM concert will be held at the Sutter Creek Community Center on church street.  Featured musician is guitarist Mattew Fish (introductory flute and guitar by Gordon Rowland and Shari Anderson). Tickets $25 at or call 209 256 9906.  100% of contributions are given to fire survivors at intermission.  If you would like to sponsor someone you know see the form below the videos.
Videos from our last show
Link to Ave Maria
LInk to Laudate Dominum
Form to represent a Butte Fire Survivor

How many categories match your friend’s circumstances?  (A ticket is added to the drawing for each matching category.) 
·        House burned down    ·  No insurance    · No financial assistance (food stamps, etc.)  
· Supporting ___ dependants?      ·  Disabled    · Single parent family
· other considerations that are not on the list?

To sponsor fill in this form and Email it to or call209 256 9906.
Arrive early for heavy refreshments and a free glass of wine.  All ticket proceeds are given to fire survivors at the intermission drawing.  

Your Name ___________________________________

Phone # ______________________________________
 Survivor’s name ________________________________

Phone #_______________________________________
Number of emergencies your friend is facing _________ 
Email it to   Or call: 209 256 9906

Monday, February 1, 2016

butte 2/20/16

CONTACT:  Gordon Rowland                                                        FOR  IMMEDIATE  RELEASE
Phone:  209-256-9906

Wild Flowers From Ashes Benefit
Saturday Feb 20th 1:30 to 4PM
At Saint Katharine Drexel Center 11361 Prospect Dr., Martel, CA

Summary:  The Katharine Drexel Center hosts the third concert of the Wild Flowers to Ashes Benefit for Butte series Saturday Feb 20th at the center, 11361 Prospect Avenue, in Martel.  Music begins at 1:30 PM with Ron Brickman at the piano to be joined by Kim LaSavio on Viola.  Gordon Rowland will present guitar solos and be joined by Linc Russin (mandolin), Marie Bedard (soprano) and flute duets by Shari Anderson and Rose Borunda.

An Optional $5 lunch with the magic and juggling team of Chris Carson, Greg Larsen and Cody Ebert begins at 12:30.  Wine will be available at $5 a glass. (Lunch reservations are required before 2/13.)  209 256 9906 

 Tickets are $25 on line at  or at the door.  Checks can be written to Saint Katharine Drexel by adding Butte fire relief in the margin.  100% of every ticket sale is given to fire victims by a drawing at intermission.   

*  *  *  *  *  *
Gordon Rowland, founder of the series, continues to be the organizing force behind this exciting series featuring world class music.  He has lined up many excellent soloists and ensembles to perform at five hosting locations from Sutter Creek to Angels Camp.  The Saturday February 20th concert begins at 1:30 PM with the piano solos performed by Ron Brickman

"Hosting high quality talent is only the surface of the work,” says Gordon, “Music should be a community effort rather than a business effort.” 

Butte Fire Poster