Thursday, May 24, 2018

First Sunday Concerts presents The Joseph Gold Trio, July 1st, 3pm at “THE WHEAT CHURCH HOUSE” (the old Episcopal Church 145 Amelia Street in Sutter Creek).

Mary and Brad Wheat have made a New Home for First Sunday Concerts. There are areas inside and out for refreshments.  Your first glass of wine is complimentary.   $20 donation to musicians.

July 1st
Joseph gold trio
                      Violin: Joseph Gold      Viola: Debbie Dare    Cello: Amy Brodo

Gordon Rowland and Mark Taylor will appear at the Winters Guitar Fest Friday June 29th
Performance 11-12am   Workshop 1-2pm

 Gordon Rowland plays at Fiest Winery in Sutter Creek Fri July 13th 6-8pm


Aug 5th Jazz night with Oon
People often say they don't know what to expect from a bass and bassoon duo. Well, think melodic and groovy music. OoN with its unlikely combination of bass and bassoon creates beautiful melodic Chamber Jazz.   

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