In person

There is no better way to learn than one on one lessons. To master the guitar you will need valuable feedback in order to avoid building bad habits that will inhibit your ease of practice.

In order to schedule lessons in person please call Gordon at 415 297 3542.


If you are not near the North Bay Area and would still like to schedule lessons you can connect directly via your laptop, home computer, and webcam. You must have a compatible internet connection and hardware. Contact Guitarwork to determine if your computer can connect for online lessons.


Teaching you to play the guitar is only the beginning of what we do.  We are an excellent resource for you to connect with other creative individuals that share the same passion for music throughout northern California.  Many of our students have grown to become masters of their instruments and perform throughout the world.

Whether your interest is the guitar or any other instrument you are welcomed to join us for any one of our many musical events.

Online Lessons

As of August of this year Guitarwork has networked with local technical talent to bring online lessons to you through videos you can watch at your convenience anytime day or night.

Lesson 1.1 - Sitting Position


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