Recordings by Gordon Rowland


Gordon Rowland has a lifetime of experience in classical music. With several recordings he divides his time teaching young apprentices to the art of the guitar, organizing events, and plays at social events including weddings.

As a professional teacher Gordon take the time to guide students to build the skills they need to achieve their musical goals.

“Gordon takes the time to know his students and he has a passion for classical music. He is very personable and easy to strike up conversation with. Before I received instruction from Gordon I had learned enough to strum a few songs from YouTube, but Gordon gave me the instruction and personal guidance you can only get from a masters eye. He has given me the discipline to achieve musical excellence, and I no longer play the guitar in my room with the door closed.”


Many instructors of the musical art are very skilled at teaching you basic musical skills. For over 30 years Gordon has been a student, teacher, and performer. Several of Gordon’s students have attained professional musical careers, recorded albums, and perform with Gordon in performance events every month.


  1. Prelude in C.
  2. Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring.
  3. Prelude in E.
  4. Gavotte in E.
  5. Fur Ellse.
  6. Etude in C.
  7. Minuet in C.
  8. Magic Flute.
  9. Lagrima.
  10. Recuerdos De La Alhambra.
  11. Capricio Arabe.
  12. Leyenda.

Castle Suite

Brightest Star in Pisces
The Appeal
The Pursuit
Breaking News
Final Heart

Silk and Steel

Paradigm Gift
Trance Loop
Our Lovely Friends
Sheebeg & Sheemore
Ave Maria
Brazilian Rumba
Dusty Rose

Creativity and Inspiration:

Brainwave Entrainment for Artists, Authors, Homework and Dissertations.

Partita No. 3 in E Major, Preludio

Bach – Performed by Gordon Rowland

Performance by Gordon Rowland Featured 1st Track of CD

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