Monday, March 12, 2018

First Sunday Concerts

First Sunday Concerts will resume May 6th 3pm at the old Episcopal Church 145 Amelia Street in Sutter Creek.  Our last concert at the National Hotel was on super-bowl Sunday.  We trumped the NFL with a larger than expected turnout that underscored our growth pains!  The May 6th concert on Amelia street features classical guitarist and composer Stuart Weber. 
Mark Taylor and Gordon Rowland Super-bowl Sunday

Guitarist and composer Stuart Weber is a native of the Northern Rocky Mountains and is deeply influenced by the spirit of the West. He credits the long, harsh winters in Montana for giving him time and space to develop as an artist. His passion for the guitar was ignited early on when at age twelve a cousin loaned him a flood-ravaged folk guitar. Undaunted by its poor condition, Weber began a ravenous period of self-study, which carried him through his teenage years and beyond. 

It was a very unlikely encounter in 1980 with the great classical guitarist Christopher Parkening that changed everything. Parkening, a world-renowned concert and recording artist in the prime of his professional life abruptly announced his retirement from the concert stage and retreated to the remoteness of Montana, and to the lure of it’s numerous trout streams. While the departure of such a master guitarist disappointed countless fans, it was for Weber a chance to finally study the instrument he loved. Weber, who had been oblivious to the intricate world of classical guitar technique, flourished under Parkening’s mentoring. He soon found himself in possession of the tools he needed to forge out his own career. 

During the decades that followed, Weber produced six acclaimed recordings, dozens of original compositions and logged thousands of miles presenting concerts from The Kennedy Center to intimate venues across the country. In his most recent release, The 5th Row, Weber directs our attention to 19th century opera houses across the Western United States in a series of dead-of-the-night recording sessions designed to capture the unique acoustic fingerprint of each of these historic theaters.

Throughout his life Weber has drawn inspiration from his natural environment, bringing to life his native Montana landscapes and people through his elegant compositions prompting The Denver Post to praise Weber as “a Western original.”

His works have found their way into environmental documentaries, feature films and television. In 2005, in a daring collaboration with author Alan Kesselhiem, Weber participated in his first full length PBS documentary Confluance, a Duet of Words and Music. In 2010 he teamed up with violinist Angella Ahn to perform on the Emmy award winning PBS program 11th & Grant with Eric Funk 

 Mary and Brad Weed have renovated the Episcopal church (145 Amelia Street) in Sutter Creek to host weddings and formal events.  The picture of the church should help you find us Sunday May 6th.  There are areas inside and out for wine and food which will be provided for Stuart’s concert.   

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

First Sunday Concerts Newsletter 

Friends & Fans:

I am delighted to announce our upcoming first Sunday Concert series.  Events are at 3pm on the first Sunday of every month at the National Hotel in Jackson, starting November 5th  

Brief Schedule:

November 5th Corina Stoian Violin
December 3, Guitarist Jon Mendle with Melinda Becker Mezzo Soprano
January 7, Mark Lamaire and Michael Manring
February 4, Mark Taylor and Gordon Rowland classical and flamenco guitar
March 4th, Paul Hanson (Bassoon) Ariane Capp (Bass)
April 1st Stuart Weber (Classical guitarist and composer)

Advanced Tickets:
Motherlode Music Jackson and Sutter Creek Art Gallery