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Gordon Rowland

Classical   ♪    Flamenco   ♪    Jazz   ♪    Guitarist
Professor  ♪  Composer  ♪  Studio Musician  ♪  Transcriber ♪  Author


•     Private flamenco lessons from 7th through 12th grade with Freddie Pierce

•     Undergraduate Studies at University of Idaho continuing at Boise State University with George Thomason

•     Studies with Michael Lorrimer at U.C. Berkeley

•     Masters classes with Oscar Giglia and Christopher Parkening


Teaching Experience:

•     Taught applied guitar at the College of Idaho in Caldwell Idaho

•     Treasure Valley Community College in Ontario Oregon

•     Workshops and Masters Classes



“Lovely, flowing and filling...execution was completely satisfactory” – Bruce Spoddleson Moscow Argonaut


“...still mesmerized by your wonderful Spanish Guitar Program for the San Francisco Symphony League”  – Carolyn Fanning, President, San Francisco Symphony League


“Gordon’s Bach performance and original compositions were exactly what we were looking for.  His warm words to the audience were the perfect way to end our festival”

– Sandra Betti, Concert Coordinator, Sonora Bach



“Gordon Rowland has outstanding musical skill and plays in a variety of styles.  He is a very likable performer...our audience loved him”

– George Appelbaum, President, Mother Lode

Friends of Music


“Wonderful happenings with Gordon’s sounds touching the soul” – Jadis Fan from Benicia


Gordon is Listed in Who’s Who in Music





1)  2005 - Spanish Masters; compilation of transcriptions of the works of Sor, Aguado and Tarrege


2)  2008 - Fretboard Harmony; scales, arpeggios, triads and chord inversions to develop technique and theory


3)  2010 - First Sight method book; a no tears primer for beginning classical guitarists




1) 1974 - Rowland plays Rowland Vinyl LP

Includes two major works (The Salmon River Suite and A Suite for five ladies).


2) 2004 - Silk and Steel CD

Duets with nylon and steel string acoustic guitar with tabla drums, bass and orchestration.


3) 2005 - Master Works CD

Includes compositions by Bach, Beethoven, Albeniz Sor and Tarrega.


4). 2008 - The Castle Suite CD

Pastoral compositions describing subconscious states and mapping interior psychological dynamics.


5) 2008 - Students of Gordon Rowland CD Featuring duets with, and solo’s by students who are now professional guitarists.

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