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No public performances are calendared for now, but I have been meeting with Lonnie Mardis in preparation for our tour of the Northwest states.  Lonnie is a jazz guitarist from Seattle who holds a master's degree from Berkley in Boston.  We both majored in guitar performance at Boise State University and will be presenting duets for the classical and jazz indium as well as our own writings.  It's been a great monthly reunion as we have met in Redding, Caldwell Idaho and this month in the hills of California.  

It has been well documented that listening to Mozart promotes learning.  Cancel culture has recently attempted to remove Mozart's music, and by reviewing all the channels on your radio you can see the replacement is well on its way and get an ear full of what they replaced it with.  Since Lonnie and I are seeking to attract an intelligent audience we have decided to include Mozart in our program.  As the evidence shows, cancel culture has already been dumbed down.     


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